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[SCRIPT] AD2SDX modified by TechnoLover 1.3a (05.07.2012)

new internal memory:

[SCRIPT] AD2SDX modified by TechnoLover 1.3a (05.07.2012)

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  • Instructions

    • be sure to have App2SD, AD2SDX or Link2SD disabled
    • (better) make a fresh install of your desired rom
    • boot into recovery
    • make a Nandroid backup
    • flash TechnoLover-Kernel or have an init.d compatible kernel
    • (sometimes) boot up and back to recovery
    • flash AD2SDX
    • reboot & wait
    • reboot after your first boot
  • Supported Roms

    • GingerOunay 2.5
    • GingerOunay 3.0
    • Ginger_dmd_4.000.07_aosp_v2
    • t&l Metal 2.3.5
    • t&l Metal 2.3.6 AOSP & Stock
    • Stock 2.3.5
    • Stock 2.3.6
  • Features

    • EXT-Partition mounted as /data
    • Apps on EXT-Partition
    • Dalvik-Cache on EXT-Partition
    • Data on Internal NAND for speedup, except files bigger 256k, they're on EXT-Partition
    • Dalvik-Cache for System-Apps on Internal NAND
    • Filesystem will be checked for files bigger than 256k just after 5 new boots
  • Known Problems

    • The Script can slow down your phone, it depends on your SDCard
    • When you restore a backup, wipe first everything
  • Download

    Version 1.3a - Download
    • fixed issue where 1.3 won't boot for the first time
    Version 1.3 - Download
    • due too the long boot time, I decided to check for bigger files just after 5 new boots.
    Version 1.2a - Download
    • fixed log, it could probably get too big.
    Version 1.2 - Download
    • added e2fsck, check for ext-partition integrity (fix backup issues hopefully)
    • log added, script doesn't take any effect if no ext-partition is found
    Version 1.1 - Download
    • Moved /data back on Internal NAND for speedup but files bigger 256k are on EXT-Partition
    Version 1.0 - Download
    • initial release

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