martedì 12 marzo 2013

[Rom][2.3.7]MiNiMaL RoM[Partial AROMA][V:1.3]

This rom is fantastiamo .. let us see the features

Status: Working

Version: 1.3 S (stable)

Features And Modifications:
-Removed unneeded apps from system
-Removed unused media from /media folder
-Removed unnecessary tones from rom
-Removed Superuser and binaries
-Removed themes from /system/app for faster boot
-Removed unneeded system apps and moved them to /data/app
-Removed Stock android Gallery
-Added Lite version of few apps
-Added Xperia Launcher (was bored of ICS/JB themed )
-Added modified framework-res.apk (1.2b +)
-Added modified SystemUI.apk (1.2b+)
-Added modified Settings.apk (1.2b+)
-Added SuperSu
-Added Quickpic

-The below given gapps are for this rom only will not work on other roms other gapps will not work on this rom;)
-Create a brightness control toggle in notification drawer as the settings force close while adjusting it (solved)

Download links
LINK (thanx to fabiorino)
LINK2(thanx to uksaz)

Apps Pack:
LINK (thanx to fabiorino)
LINK2 (thanx to uksaz)

Rom :
LINK (thanx to uksaz)

LINK (no need to wipe)


  • screenshot-1359908048659.png
  • screenshot-1359903114346.png
  • screenshot-1359903079142.png
  • screenshot-1359903094301.png
  • post-954603-0-81821700-1360494727_thumb.png
  • post-954603-0-48597400-1360494717_thumb.png

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