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excellent rom ios style

Status:  final release
Version: 1.2.2
What works:
-touchscreen and buttons
-GPU acceleration 
-wifi & wifi tether
-whole sound
-shell/adb stuff
-USB subsystem

What Doesn't And Known Bugs
-Bluetooth Discover-able timeout (settings force close)

A very few of you may get Chinese language at first time boot  to change the language back to English   please refer to this video  ( I haven't made the video ) 

solved bug related to status bar message popup

Download links
link2 (direct link thanks to ukasz)
update (script from lens_flare)

Attached Thumbnails

Basic functions and usage of JOYOS:

Lock screen
Pressing the home button twice on the lock screen give you a shortcut for camera,

Widgets can be only added on the first screen 

Task Manager
long pressing the home key gives the list of active apps on the bottom of the screen
if u scroll towards the left twice or thrice (depending on open apps ) u come across music player
the left most button is for screen rotation the right most is for closing all running apps
scroll towards the left once more and u come across media volume ctrl it is not recommended to use the task manager in horizontal mode 

Music Player
Music player is just themed android music player but when you tilt you get a free flow of album art
Dsp manager is not accessible from music player but it is present
Also the adjustment given below the album art in vertical mode is for media volume and not seeking the song. to seek the song , tap the album art once and u get a additional adjustment

1)Airplane mode : (everybody knows what it is )
2)Wireless : for wifi ,soft ap (portable hotspot) vpn and usb tethering
5)Location : Network locations and gps location ctrl
6)Calling : Isnt that the main reason behind buying the phone
8)Sound : ringtones and other stuff
9)Display : clock position on status bar brightness etc
10)Others : cm settings profiles etc 
  • screenshot-1355384652661.png
  • screenshot-1355384663793.png
  • screenshot-1355384672902.png
  • screenshot-1355384706518.png
  • screenshot-1355384733587.png
  • screenshot-1355384779034.png

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