martedì 12 marzo 2013

[ROM] CM7 Remix (preview)

This rom is drmad .
This is the rom that I am creating for me, is styled ics / jb, if you like to share it.

  • Base: CM7 by Lens Flare (thanks for all your work on our metal!)
  • Modified: Setting.apk and SystemUI.apk
  • Modified: framework-res.apk
  • Deleted: stock camera and gallery,  system app (I do not remember which)
  • Deleted: stock wallpaper and themes
  • Added: ics camera and gallery, ics calculator
  • Added: theme jb, jb wallpaper, holo launcher, MIUI clock

  • Play Store updated 3.10.10
  • CM9 Boot Animation
  • Es FileManager
First release:

Attached Thumbnails

  • shot_000001.png
  • shot_000003.png
  • shot_000002.png
  • shot_000004.png

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