martedì 12 marzo 2013

MokeeOS Metal


Due to popular demand, I have released Mokee OS for the Acer liquid mt. It is a heavily themed Chinese Rom (In English) and is based on cm7.

STATUS: complete :) I will update when anyone finds a bug, or when C3C0 or Sheenick makes a new update.

- Android 2.3.7
- Nice statusbar
- Working techno Kernel (Cm/Miui version) You have to flash it as it is not included
- In English and is multilingual
- Cm settings
- Cm theme chooser
- Tell me

- Everything not posted below

Sort of working
- FM. Use spirit fm
- Tethering. Use an external app

Not Working
- Whatevers not working in Lens flares Cm 7.2

There are addons that work with this rom in the ZTE skate mokee of rom. These are the center clock, themes and softkeys.
Is you want to undo the center clock, there is the Zip:

Flashing order:
1 nandroid backup
2 factory reset in cwm
3 rom (3.0)
4 3.1 patch
5 version 4 patch
6 (optional) technolover kernel and center clock
7 reboot + enjoy

Technolover kernel:
Well, it's not officially supported, but I can't find any bugs using it. I have tried 1.4c and 1.5, both work. Just remember to flash the CM/MiUi version. It seems 1.5 might drain the battery more than usual, if this happens, go back to technolover kernel 1.4c

FULL 4.0 ROM: this is on and it includes all the patches that have been posted below.

Rom link:

UPDATE 23/6/12
The apps have been replaced, no wipe needed or performed, but make a nandoid backup just to make sure. Flash superuser zip after update, it might of deleted it.
Flash this over V3

UPDATE 25/6/12
Fixed SU, Overclock and torch in statusbar. Now everything is working the same as cm7. The google docs is messed up so click file, then download. Flash this over 3.1 (sorry bout that, I might make a final ROM with everything in it.
Link: Have a nice time :) Oh, and this does no wipe :)


PS: I am no way responsible if you brick/ ruin your device flashing this rom (neither is modaco). You will lose all your data, so remember to back up. 

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